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To investors
UBase is a platform that is developing rapidly and makes it possible to become an investor in real existing projects. To become a successful investor you need to choose the direction of the business. You can also team up with other investors to invest in large projects and share risks. Choose an investment portfolio and assign us to manage it. Register and get access to detailed information.
For business owners
Our platform is designed for all who is interested and want to start or scale up their business. We offer to place your business idea with us. The result will be an influx of regular active . investors who are willing to invest in your project.
Our team is an active advertising company who works 24/7 in search of investors. Also, we have regular active investors with whom we have been working for more than one year. They are always ready to invest in new and interesting projects. This means that you can be sure that in the shortest possible time the entire amount will be collected for the implementation of your project.
We work with projects from any market, especially from the real sector of the economy. To place a project you just need to register and fill in information in the "Add Project" section. It is also desirable that a business plan is developed, and the volume of investments, or the share in the project that you offer the investor is determined. After reviewing your project, we will contact you to clarify all the details. You can always contact us for any questions.
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